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We believe in embracing the menopause.  We are on a mission to support women as they enter into a new era,  helping them to feel body confident and ready to embrace the change.

Because every menopause is different, we have a menopause symptom tool on our website.  This enables women to obtain products tailored to their specific needs.

Our natural menopause relief products have been carefully selected.  There is a choice of products for every symptom women may experience during this time.

We also look at the sexual health and well-being side of menopause, to help boost women’s self-esteem and sex drive, at a time when it could be taking a dip. We have some amazing products that help women get back ‘in the mood’.  All of them are made with the best creativity behind them. Our products are sensual, sophisticated but also a little bit naughty!

During their menopause journey, women will often find they have various questions relating to their health, nutrition or exercise. That is why we have teamed up with specialists in their fields to offer expert advice in these areas. From a personal stylist and fitness guru to a GP, nutritionist and sleep coach – we have all areas covered.

We aim to be part of the revolution that changes the way in which women, and men, view the menopause and the impact it can have on women and their families. We want to help break the taboo and get everyone talking about the menopause.

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