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About Menodelight

Menodelight is an online shop that offers a range of natural menopause wellness products.   These hand-selected products truly help to alleviate menopausal symptoms.  Products range from organic skincare to help with dry skin, to specifically formulated menopausal supplements, and products that relieve painful sex and enhance sexual pleasure.

About Jo & Debbie


We met at the school gates in 2016 and soon became good friends.  We were lucky enough to start experiencing peri-menopause symptoms at a similar time, so often talked about them and what products we had found that helped us.  We shared frustrations of the lack of information and support on menopause.  We discussed in depth the fact that the little information available was almost exclusively focused on HRT and scattered in different places.

During one of our long daily dog walks we decided to draw upon our own research to create a company that would prevent other women experiencing the same frustrations we had.

Our aim was to find the best alternative therapies and offer them in one place, online, where women did not feel pressure or judgement.  We recognise that every menopause journey is different, with each one being just as important as the other.  Just as each menopause journey is unique, so is the way that women decide to treat their symptoms.  It is a personal decision for a woman to make and one that should not be criticised or judged.

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About us