Low Sex Drive

Low sex drive or feeling like you have no sex drive is a common side effect of the menopause. Intimacy is still key and can be helped with the following.

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Showing all 20 results

Low sex drive

This section focuses on lack of desire and no interest in sex.  If the reason for your lack of sex drive is due to sex being painful or vaginal dryness please visit our Painful Sex Symptom Category or Vaginal Dryness Symptom Category.

How does menopause reduce sex drive?

During menopause there is a reduction in all three hormones that play a role in a women’s level of sexual desire. A low libido can have a detrimental impact on your relationship, thankfully there are things you can do to help.

Tips for managing low sex drive


Talk to your partner informing them of how you are feeling, emotionally and physically, and the reasons for this. Communication is key to understanding and also brings a sense of connection to the relationship.

Spend time with your partner

Finding time for one another and participating in activities that you both enjoy can also help to maintain a close relationship.


Feel good hormones are released when you exercise making you feel generally more happier and can also make you feel more confident about your body.  This can have a positive impact on your outlook on sex too.

Foods that may help

Certain foods are said to help increase your libido.  Try adding Pomegranate and Oysters to your diet to see if they make any difference.

Be intimate

Making a conscious effort to be intimate with one another, with both partners understanding that this would not be leading to intercourse can be a great way to connect.  There are some amazing products to help you deliver an amazing massage for your partner, another way to support the  intimate bond between the two of you.