Starting Your Periods and How to Be Prepared

14 Mar 2021
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Starting Your Periods and How to Be Prepared

Starting your periods and how to be prepared

Starting your periods can be an exciting time, as it means you are growing up, but it is also a time when you may feel scared! This is due to you venturing into the unknown. All of a sudden you have to start dealing with changes to your body and knowing that every month you will have to be prepared for your period.

How do I know my period is coming?

Some people will get signs that their period is coming.  These pains vary for each person but the most common is a dull stomach-ache.   Other pains you may experience are lower back pain and sore breasts – these are called period pains.  These pains can start a day or 2 before your period will start.  This is a sign you need to get ready and have a sanitary towel, period pants, menstrual cup or tampon (if you are ready) with you just in case.  Some people will not experience any period pain and so their period can catch them unexpectedly.  We talk about how to manage this later.

How to deal with Period Pains

If your stomach pain is a bit much try one of the following:

  1. Lie down with a warm compress pack, or hot water bottle placed on your stomach.
  2. Take a paracetamol or ibuprofen. Always read the label for advice.
  3. Try a special balm like Moon Balm. You can rub this on your stomach to help ease the ache.
  4. Treat yourself! Have a piece of chocolate or some sweets – it always makes you feel better.

How Long will my periods last?

When you first start having periods the bleeding will usually last 2-7 days and be fairly light.  It will probably feel like a lot of blood is coming out though, but try not to feel anxious, this is completely normal.  There may also be some clumpy bits, this is perfectly normal too.  Blood colour can vary so you may see it as red, pink or brown.

What if I get caught short?

At some point your period will come and you won’t be expecting it.  This happens to everyone at some point.  If you are not at home. fold up some toilet tissue and place it in your knickers like a sanitary towel.  If your clothes get stained, fold your jumper and wrap it around your waist.  Ask a friend, teacher or go to your school medical centre for a sanitary towel or tampon – this is not the time to be shy every woman has had to do this, don’t worry!

Track your periods

It is a good idea to use an app to track your periods.  This will help you get ready for the following month and be prepared.  If you have an apple phone this is built into your health app.  You will then get notifications warning you that your period may be due.

If you do not have an apple phone – mark it on a paper calendar and pencil in when you think it will be due next month.  After a few months you may be able to see a cycle to help you prepare.

You can also track any symptoms you experience and see if there is a cycle to these too.

How to be prepared

The best way to be prepared for dealing with your period when you are out of the house is to always have some products with you. Thankfully, this can be achieved in a discreet manner. By putting your sanitary towel, period pants, tampon or menstrual cup in a pouch and placing it in your bag you will always have it to hand when you need it.  You could even place a spare pair of knickers in your bag for the times you are caught short.  Some girls prefer to wear a panty liner when they think their period is due so not to dirty their knickers.

The key is to remember to refill the pouch once you have used your products!

Our top menstrual care products

Thankfully there are a number of products that can help with the various aspects of menstrual care.  These range from menstrual packs to help you be fully prepared, balms and patches to soothe away menstrual cramps and eco-friendly sanitary products for ease of mind.  Below are our Teen Menstrual Care Packs that are full of everything that you may need for the upcoming month.

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