Top Tips For A Perfect ‘Date Night At Home’

6 Oct 2020
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Top Tips For A Perfect ‘Date Night At Home’

It can sometimes be tough to find time for yourself, let alone for you and your partner to have some down time.  However, in every relationship this one to one time is so important to keep a healthy bond.

There may be several reasons why you and your partner don’t get the quality time together – work, children, elderly parents and so the list goes on.  Some couples swear by a monthly date night.  Where they go out for a meal, no kids, no other couples and just have time to focus on one another.  However, at the moment, with COVID, this isn’t as easy to do.  So, we thought why not create a date night at home rather than going out?

Here are our top tips on how to keep the spice in your relationship and create a date night to remember.

Top tips for your date night

1 – Tech Ban

I’m sure most of you have imposed a tech ban or phone ban on your children at some point in the past, but on date night this ban needs to apply to the pair of you.  Turn your phones off and put them in a draw out of sight.  Even if they are out turned off there can be a desire to “just check your messages’.  Nothing is more important than engaging with your partner for the next few hours.  Turn off the TV and any devices that may ping with an alert that suddenly feels like the most urgent thing in the world to check.

2 – Remove unwanted house guests

We know it’s tough at the moment to arrange childcare for toddlers or to send your teenagers off out for the evening with friends, but try your best.  If you have younger children, maybe get them into bed early and start your night afterwards.  If you have older children then this is the time that you hand them their phones, iPads, x-box controllers or anything else that will keep them occupied for a few hours!!

3 – Your outfit

Remember the phrase dress to impress?  Well this is one of those moments!  Dress up as if you are going on a first date.  During lockdown a lot of us have lived with no make-up and our favourite pair of joggers but this is the time to make an effort!

4 – Set the scene

This requires some planning.  We are thinking dinner, candles, music and more.  You need to prepare for your date.  Firstly, think about where you are going to base yourself.  Ideally, it would be round a table, where you can sit opposite each other and make eye contact.  Think about creating a nice environment in the room. this starts with cleaning I’m afraid, nobody wants to sit in a mess!

Then you need to plan your meal, maybe starter, main and dessert?? Or if you really haven’t got the time during the day maybe plan to simply get a take-away.  Wine or beer?  Plan whatever it is that you and your partner prefer to drink so that it relaxes you both.  Candlelight is always a winner, LELO have created a couple of amazing candles, with 36 hours burn time, that can provide the right ambience and also double up as massage oil.

5 – Bath time

A rose petal hot bath can be a lovely gesture for your partner, or even for the two of you if your bath is big enough.  Include soft lighting or use your candle.  Use Menodelight’s luxury bath salts, if you choose the Rose & Geranium Himalayan bath salts, they include the petals which provide a really relaxing sensual bath.

6 – Bedtime!

How are things in the bedroom department? This is often an awkward subject!  It may be that things have been difficult recently for whatever reason or maybe you just need to spice things up for a bit of a change.  Either way this is your opportunity.  Try something different and even think about including a sex toy.

If you or your partner have never used a sex toy or at least not together, fear not.  In our date night at home pack we have included a range of intimate toys that are amazing to use together as part of your foreplay.  The Je Joue bullet range we include are small and powerful and look very discreet.  They are even waterproof so can be used during your bath time!  We also have a range from LELO’s sister company Intimina, which aren’t as glamorous, but they are just as sensual and provide are great range of intimate massagers.

Enjoy your evening! Hopefully you will enjoy every element of your date night, the most important thing to remember is relax and just enjoy each other’s company.

Is sex a sticking point?

If you are experiencing painful sex then the first thing to do is talk to your partner.  Tell them how you are feeling and explain why you think this maybe happening.  Sometimes sex can be painful, which is obviously going to take the enjoyment out of having it.  There can be several reasons for this –  have a read of our Painful Sex blog for more information and guidance.

Three quarters of women will have painful sex at some point in their lifetime, and when penetration can get uncomfortable, it’s often unclear why discomfort occurs and especially what to do about it. The Ohnut has been designed as a wearable that allows couples to explore enjoyable penetration depths., definitely worth a try.

If sex is a sticking point it’s sometimes best to agree upfront that it isn’t an option on the evening.  Instead, spend the time focusing on one another, enjoy a relaxing bath or massage together and relish being the centre of one another’s attention.

Purchase a date night at home pack here, using code date10 to receive 10% off.  Go ahead and enjoy a night in!








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